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Lassi PoS

Our Goal is to revolutionize guest experience at restaurants like never before.

Our technology will WoW your guest to become loyal repeat customers of every brand, every restaurant!

Express Food Ordering Solutions

Food ordering experience at Food Courts in Shopping Malls, Airports, Tech Parks, Food Trucks and City Centers are still grossly in-efficient. It feels like a fish-market with long queues, excessive crowds of “Hungry and Angry” (Hangry) customers jamming near the billing counter is a common sight at these QSR outlets.

In the current mobile-first / app-first world of ubiquitous mobile adoption and ever-increasing demand for “instant gratification”, queue management & order processing strategies at Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) need a serious upgrade.

Pickyto provides a simple, tangible and yet comprehensive technology solution to this persistent problem.

Pickyto enables customers to order in less than 60 seconds. No More Qs, No More waving hands for waiter’s attention, No More payment hassles & No More boundaries!

Refreshingly Simple & Effective Restaurant PoS For Smart Restaurants

In the current Digital Century, customers purchase and behavior patterns are ever changing. Restaurants operators are more than ever are looking up to technology solutions to simplify their day-to-day operation and help retain, grow their loyal customer base

Lassi Application Suite is not just a run-in-the-mill Point-of-Sale (PoS) and Billing software application. Lassi application suite comes with an integrated PoS with customer/guest facing mobile app (Android for now and iOS is near future) that customers use and can unleash a host of intuitive engagement with your customers and gain their trust and loyalty.