Pickyto Food Ordering Solutions

Ordering food has never been easier

Tired of waiting in ridiculously long lines at food court just to order a beverage or snack? Agitated by the hassle of wading through the crowds to go get your meal from the food stall? Frustrated by the slow-moving queues at payment counters?

The days of inefficiency at food courts in shopping malls, tech parks, and food trucks are no longer a concern. With Pickyto, your food-ordering experience will change forever.

Pickyto enables customers to order in less than 60 seconds. No more excessively long queues, no more pointless waving for a waiter’s attention, and no more unnecessary payment hassles. Pickyto has two key product offerings to facilitate express ordering for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) of all sizes, shapes, and complexities.

Pickyto Kiosks

Our Kiosks provide a superfast, express ordering experience to customers. The self-ordering, touch screen kiosks provide customers the convenience and simplicity that they truly deserve. Self-service ordering is the future of eateries and Pickyto Ordering Kiosks is leading the way.

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